Creating marketing strategies that sell

marketing consultant and advice

Marketing is about reducing the need for you to do any hard sales and encourage people to buy your products.

Having the right marketing in place is crucial to your business’ success. Having the wrong one can waste your time and money.

I can help you make sure you have the right strategy in place and make it actually get you more business.

marketing advice


marketing in grimsby, lincolnshire and yorkshire

I can help you with:


Direct Response Marketing (you need this)

Advice on what marketing campaigns and strategies to use

What adverts to run and where (including Google and Facebook advertising)

Social Media Marketing and the best way to use it

What sort of emails you need to send and how often

How to position your business for your market

How to resell your product or services

Finding different marketing channels to use

Saving you money on your marketing by making it more efficient

Marketing problems are very varied so I offer a range of solutions…



Facebook Advertising

Google and BIng Advertising


LinkedIn Advertising

Creating Landing Pages

WordPress Setup

Email Auto-responder Set Up

Email Marketing


Marketing Strategy

Facebook Ad Strategy

Twitter Advertising

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Strategy

Direct Response Campaigns

Google and Bing

Branding and your ‘message’


Campaign Design

Google Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Direct Response Marketing


This is can be done for you, your staff or colleagues on a group or individual basis.

The training or consultations can be done on site or via Skype.