Not as boring as it sounds… Educational Marketing is actually a great way of building a trust relationship with future and present clients! This means to give your prospects information to educate them and help them overcome their anxiety of doing business with you. By giving your prospects information – for free usually – you… Read More

The Marketing Funnel

Doing some work on the Forbes Burton marketing strategy for 2016 it struck me that it may be useful for people to see a simple marketing funnel. It’s in list form (I may make an infographic out of it at some point).… Read More


Your office is much more than a place where you go to simply stare a computer screen and churn out some emails. It’s a symbol of your business and everything it stands for. Whether fairly or not, people will make judgements about your company based on what they see in your workspace. This is why… Read More


These days, with social media all the rage, it’s easy to overlook email marketing for your small business. After all, who uses email anymore? Turns out a lot of people do, in fact three times as many people as Facebook and Twitter users combined.     Yes, the inter-web is here to stay and businesses… Read More


As a local business owner, you should be focusing your marketing efforts on driving traffic to your website.  Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest way to get quality traffic but if you want to build a successful PPC campaign for your small business then there’s no need to go it alone. There… Read More


Marketing your business online is an incredibly powerful way to increase your visibility and to start attracting more new customers. The cost of online marketing is relatively low compared to other types and yet it’s possible to create a much more impactful and engaging campaign this way when compared with advertising in magazines for example.… Read More


For any business with an online presence, the most important role of a website is likely going to be to attract more customers. If you design your website correctly, then it should provide a huge ROI as those who land on your page are potential opportunities to make a profit and form a relationship. A… Read More


Re-targeting (also called re-target marketing or Re-Marketing) is a simple but effective way to go after people who have already browsed your site or shown a certain level of interest, but left without buying.  They might have placed items in their shopping cart and gotten distracted, or spent a significant amount of time browsing your site and then left… Read More


Social media marketing has been building a head of steam for the past decade.  Today, social media platforms are an undeniable outlet for any company, organization or individual that wants to reach the masses, no matter how big or small they are.  The fact of the matter is, when you want to sell an idea,… Read More